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Be a part of the 3rd Flagship Industrie 4.0 B2B event in China!

On 18th of November 2020, VDMA will be the main association sponsor for the 3rd Flagship Industrie 4.0 B2B event organised by GMECS. On 24th August 2020 we would like to invite you to our Info Dinner to give you a deep insight into the concept and main topics for this year. The info dinner is only organized for selected VDMA member companies and partners!

VDMA, the German Engineering Association, shaped the term Industrie 4.0. Today VDMA and its VDMA Forum Industrie 4.0 are constantly driving it forward, one of our main goals is to promote German Industry 4.0 products and solutions to this major market.

The Main Topics of 2020:

"What is the status quo of Industrie 4.0 in Germany vs. China now?

"How is the topic OPC UA developing internationally but also in China?

"What is the big picture of Industrie 4.0?

"Where do we go from here?

"How to connect the topic Industrie 4.0 with cloud systems and artificial intelligence?

"How do machines deliver data to the cloud and AI data from the clouds?

"What cloud solutions are available in China? What is available internationally?

"How is AI developing in terms of manufacturing solutions?

"How is software developing in terms of smart manufacturing?

Member Companies as Speakers:

As a VDMA member company who leads the Industrie 4.0 movement, you will have a unique chance to be one of the honored speakers on the stage to introduce your technologies to the Chinese market and participate in one-to-one talks with interested potential Chinese customers from the industry.


*Deadline for the info dinner registration is:21st August, 2020. Deadline for the speaker registration is: 7th September, 2020 (8 seats are open now!)

**Please inform us which main topic you would like to address during the event

*** As a speaker you will receive 5 free voucher tickets from us to invite your customers to the event.

We will act after: First Come, First Serve. Maximum 2 participants from one company.

Come and join us in this Info Dinner, and get more detailed information about our 3rd Flagship Industrie 4.0 B2B event!

*This event is organized by German Mechanical Engineering Commercial Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch Office - Official Service Provider of VDMA.

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