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CCS-Greenwoods Boarding Camp

Top Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend the Greenwoods Camp

Western Outdoor Camp – Children will enjoy different activities to enrich their experience. They will dare to explore, face challenges, learn about teamwork, and build self-esteem. 

Camp Life - Unlike school life and family life, children will stay at the camp with campers from all over the country and excellent youth mentors from all over the world.

Develop Life Long Skills - Children will cultivate the five values that will affect their life: respect, patience, friendshipperseverance, and help.

Date: Oct 2 - Oct 7, 2020

Regular Fee: 8,800RMB/Camper

Drop off & Pick up location:

① Hongqiao Airport T2

②Shanghai Museum (Close to People Square)

③To Camp location directly

*If there is any change, we will update it in time.

Note: The above activities are for reference and will be adjusted according to the weather and site reasons.


Wood bunk beds in dormitories

24 hours' coverage

Core Teachers

1:1 Chinese - International Staff

1:5 Counselor - Camper ratio

Qualified International Counselors

  1. Our core international leadership team, the soul of the camp, Greenwood's pride.
  2. 24hr bilingual immersion environment, high quality camper accompaniment, so children may have self-confidence + independence.
  3. Introducing Camp Lenox's American-style curriculum helping our campers cultivate a sense of competitiveness and vision.
  4. Counselors remind campers to practice good hygiene and safe standards from wearing sunscreen to drinking water. Encouraging campers to write letters home and more, counselors care for a variety of details.


1. 24-hour accompaniment, never let children go alone, safety is our first priority.


2. Bunks are strictly segregated, and counselors of the opposite sex are not allowed to enter the campers' dormitories.


3. Camp is an enclosed and protected village to ensure the safety of campers.


4. 24-hour monitoring outside camp village, 360 degree CCTV, all spaces covered.


5. Camps are equipped with special emergency teams to deal with emergencies; 24-hour security and professional medical personnel are on standby to ensure the safety and health of campers.


6. Greenwoods(Youmei)will purchase customized personal accident insurance (up to 200,000 yuan) for every camper during the summer camp period to provide comprehensive risk protection for children and families.


  • October National Day Week Camp (Sold Out)

    RMB 8,800

    Oct 2 - Oct 7

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From nutritionally balanced catering, safe and comfortable accommodation to fully covered safety management details.

Meat and vegetables in a nutritional balance.